About Us

Our Bracelets are a collection of handmade artworks created by local gifted artists, with our signature touch. We handcraft beaded & leather bracelets in many different combinations and materials, that have been inspired by the world´s Earthstones. It started with a mere fascination for Earthstones, in which our craftspeople were urged to recreate cultural emblems and work with materials from mother nature.

For us at Beaded-Bracelets, we are all about blending old traditions with modern-day fashion trends to make our bracelets truly unique. Handcrafted, using traditional techniques and genuine materials, the our bracelets are the opposite of the mass-produced bracelets that we typically see elsewhere.

We use a direct to consumer online model that allows us to avoid any expensive extra costs, such as paying middlemen and covering storefronts. We buy our bracelets straight from our talented artisans and sell them directly to you without the excessive price tag.

Explore our collections, and find the one that suits you perfectly!